PARQOR is the handbook every media and technology executive needs to navigate the seismic shifts underway in the media business. Through in-depth analysis from a network of senior media and tech leaders, Andrew Rosen cuts through what's happening, highlights what it means and suggests where you should go next.

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andrew rosen

I am a former Viacom Executive (MTVN, BET) who has been researching and writing about the streaming marketplace for C-Suite executives and investors since 2015.

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Follow me at @aagave on Twitter, where I have discussions and (sometimes spirited) debates with researchers, investors and other former executives about the streaming marketplace.

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Andrew A Rosen

My analyses & frameworks connect the dots in OTT streaming for your competitive edge at Former $VIAC digital media exec (MTVN, BET)

Andrew A. Rosen

PARQOR delivers an executive’s strategic perspective on the post-”streaming wars” convergence of legacy media, streaming, gaming, audio, e-commerce, and the Creator Economy